Inexpensive Old American Coins

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What old American coins can I buy inexpensively?

Inexpensive Old American Coins

While you start your old coin collection, you wish you could go back to the 19th century and bring back copper nickel cents, half-cents, three-cent silver old coins, bust dimes and Barber quarters.

There's no need to muck about with the space-time continuum. You may not be able to spend 30 dollars or 60 dollars a pop. It's reasonable, for example, to spend $15 for a three-cent nickel from 1865-1889 in Good/Very Good (G/VG) condition, or $5 for a Barber quarter from 1892-1899 in G/VG condition. Old coin values are worth the cash investment. Three-cent nickels can be worth $125 if it turns out yours is uncirculated, so the value of old coins can outweigh what you do spend.

Do your research on the condition of your coin. Will it resell for a higher price if it's G/VG grade, especially closer to the VG? That depends on the condition of the coin--do the design elements, such as the three-cent nickel's feminine face and tiara, with "Liberty" spelled out, as well as the letters and numerals look clear?

A little information on your circulated old American coin will save you a crash course in time travel.



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