Prestige Sets and Proof Sets

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Is a prestige set as valuable as a proof set?

Prestige Sets and Proof Sets

High-maintenance? You? No! You just like the best. Owning a proof set isn't enough. For you, silver proof sets must be special. As a collector, you may want to considr prestige sets, also called prestige proof sets.

The US Mint produced prestige sets from 1983 to 1997. These sets contain one or more proof commemorative coins released in the same year and include a proof cent, nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar. While that may add up to chump change to the untrained eye, a prestige proof coin set isn't cheap, particularly since it can commemorate the Bill of Rights, the Olympics or the Statue of Liberty. Some sample eBay values for prestige proof sets:

* 1986 US Mint Statue of Liberty Prestige Proof Set, $49.95
* 1997 Prestige Proof Set, $220.00
* 1996 Prestige Proof Set, $535.00
* 1997 Prestige Proof Set 6 Deep Cameo Proofs, $173.38
* 1990 Eisenhower Prestige Proof Set, $22.96
* 1996 US Mint Olympic Prestige Proof Set (one of only 55,000), $480.00

You're not high-maintenance because you insist on prestige silver proof sets. You might be high-maintenance if you have a butler to take care of your prestige proof set!



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