Collecting the China Gold Panda

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How do I collect Chinese gold pandas?

Collecting the China Gold Panda

Pandas. They're on the letterhead of environmental organizations. They chew bamboo. They're cute. They're endangered. And now they're collectible.

The China Silver Panda world coins, especially in earlier years such as 1992, are not quite as valuable as a baby panda, but they're easier to hold (mama bears can be fierce!) We know of a Brilliant Uncirculated 1992 Silver Panda, with a panda climbing in a tree on the obverse, selling for $69.00. The type notes ".999 Ag 1 oz." Ag, in case you forgot your high school chemistry, is the peridoic table symbol for silver. Multiply the troy ounce by the face value (500 yuan or $1.23 USD) and the value of silver to get the total value of these beautiful world coins--but remember, the total value takes a back seat to the collectors' value.

The China Gold Panda has .9999 Fine Gold and the legal tender value of one ounce Gold Panda Chinese coins is $100. A Quarter Ounce Gold Panda can sell for 80 British Pounds, $154 USD. As with the Silver Pandas, the reverse displays the Temple of Heaven and the obverse panda portraits change every year. The 2004 design depicts a mother panda nuzzling a baby panda.

A caution for collectors of Chinese coins Reports have surfaced of 1982 Gold Pandas selling for $3,000 US, but all that collector activity has made some dates scarce like the pandas, especially since many collectors regard Panda Chinese Coins as the most beautiful of all coins.

Where can you get Chinese Panda Coins?

* eBay
* US Dealers
* UK Dealers

Those cute faces demand to be collected, and they're a solid investment.



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