Canadian Maple Leaf Availability

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Why won't my coin dealer given me the Canadian maple leaf I want?

Canadian Maple Leaf Availability

Like real maple leaves and maple syrup, Canadian coins and Canadian maple leaves are widely sought after. The difference is, maple syrup isn't pure gold.

Your US or Canadian dealer may not offer you that 1999 maple leaf, possibly because he or she may not have it in stock. That's why many dealers say "dates of our choice." Need some world coin tips? When you're dealing with world coins and foreign coins, you're dealing with international shipping, rexchange rates, customs, tariffs...Canadian's might be renowned for their hospitality, but they also have a country to keep solvent.

Check with various dealers and with the royal Canadian Mint to see if they have the 1999 Gold Maple Leaf you want. Otherwise, have a list of backup dates you'll accept.

After all, the U.S. keeps stealing Canadian hockey players, It's only right that Canada should keep its coins to itself. In the meantime, enjoy some beautiful maple leaves and have a stack of pancakes.



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