Austrian Coins

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Should I buy Austrian coins?

Austrian Coins

Looking for world coin tips on finding world coins? Here's a hint: It produced Mozart and Freud as well as Vienna sausages (!) Austria may be your next target for collecting world coins.

While Austrian coins may not be as beautiful as Chinese coins with pandas or Canadian coins with maple leafs, the restrike Austria 4 ducat coin (you remember ducats, they were in Shakespeare's plays) is a beautiful coin. We also like the Austria 20 Corona and 10 Corona.

When buying foreign world coins in gold, remember to consult a world coins expert to see which issues are popular or rare or both. Many Austrian coin issues such as proof sets will sell quickly and be valued at high prices. It's a good idea to know your Austrian history--though everyone recognizes Einstein. The 200th Mozart Anniversary commemorative coin is affordable, especially in Extremely Fine.

But if you can't buy Austrian coins, don't get an inferiority complex. The size of your foreign coins or your coin collection doesn't matter.



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