Mexican Coin Collecting

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What Mexican coins can I collect?

Mexican Coin Collecting

Immigration problems, border patrols and economic difficulties won't stop you from collecting Mexican coins. But did NAFTA torpedo your collection of world coins and foreign coins? You have US coins, Canadian coins, now you need to complete your set with Mexican coins.

The Mexican peso exchange rate has been declining but may rise again in early 2006 according to projections. One US dollar may equal 9.77 pesos in September 2005. The current exchange rate is 10.66 Mexican pesos for 1 US dollar. Your dealer may sell you a Mexican 20 peso gold bullion coin restrike for $2.53. Once you convert Mexican pesos to US dollars, multiply by gold prices as well as the troy ounce if you know it, you have your coin's true value. A 50 peso gold bullion coin has 1.2067 troy ounces.

You might also want to collect Libertads, issued since 1996. These silver Mexican coins have the Independence Angel on the obverse. We've seen a five-ounce coin sold for $60.

So the next time someone complains about the "Mexican problem," you can say, "I like their coins, have you ever thought of collecting them?" It won't stop the border debate, but it may give you and your fellow coin collectors a new appreciation for Mexico.



6/26/2011 11:09:24 AM
moron said:

Wow you're so smart! I can go to Mexico with about $2,500.00. and come back with over a million dollars worth of gold! Maybe we should let the Fed in on this tip and you could be a hero for solving the debt crisis! How about you go first and let us know how that works for you!

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