Canadian Coin Values

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What are some guides to check on Canadian coin values?

Canadian Coin Values

There is no doubt that Canadian coins have become a favorite among world coin collectors. The minting of commemorative Canadian coins has created thousands of new coin collectors in the last several years. If you'd like to find out some Canadian coin values on coins you already have or would like to own, there are some good resources to consider.

On the Web, Don's World Coin Gallery has one of the most comprehensive lists of coin values around.

Another good resource for looking at Canadian coin values is through J & M Coin and Jewellery Ltd.'s Web site. This major dealer has sales listings for several grades of Canadian coins.

Canadian Coins: A Charlton Standard Catalogue, is a spiral bound book with a compilation of millions of Canadian coins and pricing based on grade. In addition, you can read information about issues, grading, and varieties of the Canadian coin.



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