Numismata For World Coin Collectors

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Is there a major event for world coin collectors?

Numismata For World Coin Collectors

If you want to attend the largest numismatic event in the world, attend Numismata. The first exhibition started in 2005 and the recent 2006 November 4th and 5th event held over 160 exhibitioners with coin dealers around the world attending from countries such as Europe, Russia, and China. The November event took place in Frankfurt, using almost 30,000 square feet of space. Coin collecting wares included a range of pieces, including Euros, bank notes, and medals. Visiting world coin collectors didn't have to leave empty handed, even if they decided not to make a purchase – they were given a small numismatic souvenir along with each ticket. Language barriers for world coin collectors were addressed as well. The event included language translation services in English, French, Russian, and German. The next Numismata will take place in 2007 on March 3rd and 4th in Munich.



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