Protecting Coin Collections

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How do I protect my coins?

Protecting Coin Collections

Your coin collections are the envy of the neighborhood. After all, you're not the Home Depot type, so you have to have something to show off. But you might want to invest in a fire alarm system or you could have a serious setback in coin collecting if a fire breaks out.

Less destructive or catastrophic woes of coin collectors include preserving coin collections from wear and tear. Here's a partial list of protective measures:

* Packets of silica gel for storage measures
* Safe or, for extra insurance, safety-deposit box
* Bags, jars and boxes for circulated bullion
* Folder albums for series as well as type sets
* Plastic sleeves, "flips" or cardboards
* Plastic "slabs" for rare or valuable coins
* Velvet pad for examining coins
* PO Box for receiving all coin collecting correspondence or orders
* Separate policy insuring coins against theft or fire (most standard policies don't cover coin collections)
* Trusted friends and fellow coin collectors who won't blab about your coins

After all, while you're happy to enlarge the bathroom, you have no desire to be the next Trading Spaces guest--so protect your coins.



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