Mirrored Silver Proof Sets

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Does a notation of "Mirrored" on silver proof sets mean greater value?

Mirrored Silver Proof Sets

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, is my silver proof set fairest of all? If your silver coin proof set is mirrored, then you have a valuable collectible. Mirrored simply means that the coins in silver proof sets are struck at least twice to ensure sharp detail. The result: a frosted image on a mirrored background. Even Snow White's wicked Queen nemesis would appreciate her image in a silver proof coin.

Mirrored is as good as if not better than Brilliant Uncirculated, so be sure to keep your mirrored silver proof sets in pristine condition. Avoid taking them out of commemorative cases or plastic slabs, except if you have them re-appraised or examined by a prospective buyer. If you buy a mirrored silver proof set, you can generally be sure it's in excellent condition, since collectors won't want to ruin the finish. After all, they don't want to have that wicked Queen, devaluation, ruining the worth of silver proof sets.



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