Give Peace Dollars a Chance

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Whad do I look for when collecting Peace dollars?

Give Peace Dollars a Chance

Everybody wants peace, but whenever people trade Peace Silver Dollars, a war breaks out. The commemorative Peace Silver Dollar, issued from 1921 to 1935, has the likeness of a Liberty woman on the obverse and an eagle on a reverse. Peace Dollars are fairly rare, and you can expect to pay a price for peace. A 1934 San Francisco mint mark Peace Silver Dollar is valued at $140 in Very Fine condition, and can go up to $2,000 at higher grades.

As any soldier or diplomat will tell you, peace isn't easily attained. Some tips before you step into the arena:

* As with all coins such as the Morgan Dollar and American Silver Eagles, the Peace Silver Dollar has its own metal composition that determines the value. Peace Silver Dollars are 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. If an appraiser says your coin doesn't meet these standards, it's probably counterfeit.
* If you find a 1964 Silver Dollar with the Denver mint mark, it also might be as fake as an ambush. All the known copies of this issue were destroyed. If it's legitimate, as a rare coin, it might be one of the most valuable American silver dollars and coins.
* You can tell the grading of the Peace silver dollar by the word "Peace." As in life, Peace has taken a beating. In Good condition, Peace is barely readable. In Very Good, parts of the word are missing. Any coin with "Peace" in sharp detail is Fine and above.
* Uncirculated silver dollars are usually spotted or heavily toned with less-than-brilliant luster, but no trace of wear. You can find Uncirculated coins with no trace of spotting and with brilliant luster. Most of the dates are worth $100 or less in Uncirculated condition.
* The 1923 Peace Silver Dollars are fairly common and aren't valued as highly.

Peace is worthwhile, everyone agrees, but don't be surprised if you have to fight to collect a valuable Peace Silver Dollar. At least you'll be well-armed with information.



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