Small Town, No Coin Dealers

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I live in a small town, how do I find coin dealers?

Small Town, No Coin Dealers

You live in a town with a population of less than 1,000. The closest you get to a coin dealer is the antique store where you might find an old coin on a good day. You like small-town life, but you hate driving two hours to the city to find coin dealers. Does finding coin dealers have to be so hard?

Don't get the small-town blues. All you have to do is go online and search for "us coin dealer," "coin dealers," "rare coin dealer," or "ancient coin dealer," and voila, you'll have ten solid leads, not including the paid listings such as Google AdWords.

If you're suspicious of buying anything where you can't see a human face (small-town life does lend itself to trust) and want to risk the trip to the city, ask your coin collector friends who they buy from. Getting recommendations is key, whether you're buying from coin dealers in the city or online.

If you can't find a coin dealer that suits you online or in the city, take a trip away from Smallville and attend a coin show. Tip: If your small town is NASCAR country, sports cards and collectibles shows sometimes feature coin dealers. Take a trip with your neighbors. Small towns do tend to gossip--while you're not sneaking away for a secret rendezvous, you don't have anything to hide, either, and you want to let your friends in on your hobby. Given small-town loyalty, Jimmy from down the street will probably back you up if you get in a bind with an unscrupulous coin dealer.

Small town life. You wouldn't trade it for a rare coin, and now you don't have to.



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