Yellow Pages Coin Dealers

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Is there a risk involved in buying from dealers in the Yellow Pages?

Yellow Pages Coin Dealers

You've seen the ads for "that book" and are tempted to just look up coins. No, not the Bible, though the Bible has plenty to say about money--shekels, talents, Prodigal Son, render unto Caesar. You want to buy Caesar coins, or shekels, or Biblical coins and you wonder if the Yellow Pages will help you.

There's no more risk in looking up coin dealers in the Yellow Pages than there is in, say, calling a car dealership or a repairman. Or a Bible shop. But you can avoid a plague of locusts if you observe the following tips:

o Check out coin dealers with PNG, ANACS or one of the major guilds. That Biblical rare coin dealer could have a history of problems or might not even belong.
o Just because that coin dealer doesn't sell wholesale doesn't mean you have a potential shyster. Coins aren't a wholesale business--if you want bulk, go to Costco. Coin dealers have to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's.
o Check your local Better Business Bureau or government to find out if there are any charges or lawsuits pending.
o Talk to coin collectors in your area to see what they say about that rare coin dealer.
o Have a specific coin, if not two or three, in mind when you call or visit the coin dealers. As with any other business, the service you get on the phone will give you an idea of whether or not you'd like to do business.
o See what the other merchants in the neighborhood say. Do they like the owner of the coin dealer shop? Would they do business with that coin dealer?

The Bible says, "There are none so blind as those who will not see." Don't be so blinded by your quest for the perfect coin that you fail to do your homework after checking the Yellow Pages,



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