Pattern Coin Price Guides

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Where can I find coin price guides for pattern coins?

Pattern Coin Price Guides

You always drive the same way to work and eat the same fruit salad for breakfast. Boring? You prefer to think of it as your own personal pattern. Patterns can be significant--just ask criminal profilers. But you won't be the subject of a police profile (let's hope not), and you can profit from patterns. Learn about coin values and their patterns and you could find yourself in the money.

The Edward VIII pattern coin florins. The pattern Flying Eagle and Indian Head cents. Collecting pattern coins, or coins with a particular motif such as Edward VIII's head and the Flying Eagle that were never meant for broad circulation, is a great way to specialize. But what are the coin values? Does a coin price guide give a complete valuation for pattern coins?

US pattern coins are among the rarest of US coins and, although rarity is no guarantee of coin values, the US coin value of pattern coins can't be dismissed. How do you find pattern coin prices?

PCGS raves about pattern coins and provides a coin price guide for, say, Flying Eagle coin prices ($3,250 to $65,000 for an 1857 Small Letters coin, MS-60 to MS-67 grade). Every coin price guide you find will tell you the coin value range of pattern coins.

You can research, buy and sell pattern coins with confidence...unless the police hope to trap you with an Edward VIII pattern coin. In that case, you'll switch to ancient coins and American Silver Eagles. Why be predictable?



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