Popular Gold Bullion Coins

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What are some popular gold bullion coins I can collect?

Popular Gold Bullion Coins

While you've never been one to follow the crowd, you know that popular coins can be valuable thanks to the law of supply and demand. You're still not giving up your mukluks when everyone else wears Prada heels, but you'll consider buying popular gold bullion coins.

Which popular coins are a good investment? Our recommendations:

1) US Gold Coin: $10 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle (Extremely or Extra Fine)
2) US Gold Coin: $10 Liberty (Brilliant Uncirculated)
3) US Gold Coin: $5 Liberty Half-Eagle Without or With "In God We Trust" Motto (Brilliant Uncirculated)
4) Commemorative US Gold Coins: $5 1988 Olympic Uncirculated
5) Commemorative US Gold Coins: $5 1986 Statue of Liberty
6) US Gold Coins --Sacagawea Dollars
7) British Sovereign Gold Coin -- King Edward 1902-1910 (used in Operation Iraqi Freedom)
8) Canadian Maple Leaf
9) French 29 Franc Angels "Good Luck Coins" -- 1871-1898 Almost Uncirculated
10) Australian Lunar Gold Coins -- 2005 1 oz. Gold Rooster and 2004 1 oz. Gold Monkey

While the crowd may stare at your mukluks, they'll also line up to eyeball your collectors' gold bullion coins.



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