Everyday Gold Bullion

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Can I use golden dollars as regular money?

Everyday Gold Bullion

That cashier at Starbucks always looks so grumpy. What would she do if you tossed her a Sacagawea Gold Dollar gold coin?

Perhaps she's an environmentalist/feminist who's happy Sacagawea is being recognized. She might even put some extra foam in your latte. But should you buy lattes with a US gold coin? It's probably easier than buying with a Mexican peso or South African Krugerrand, especially since your foam-making Starbucks coffee jockey might feel that not enough has been done to promote racial equality since the end of apartheid.

Do you truly want to spend your gold bullion coins? You might if the price of gold drops, but like stocks, you can hold on to coins. Plus, Sacagawea Dollars and American Gold Eagle gold coins are popular, meaining they're collectible.

Keep proof gold coins intact, since they were never intended for circulation. Think twice before putting that Almost Uncirculated coin toward the purchase of a CD (and we don't mean Certificate of Deposit.) On the other hand, many circulated US gold coins become so common they lose their collectors' value, so you can safely pass them on.

You have been trying to make that cashier smile for months. Throwing gold bullion coins her way may just make your day.



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