George Washington Silver Coins

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Which George Washington coins are collectible?

George Washington Silver Coins

I cannot tell a lie, some people think collecting a George Washington US silver coin is a waste of time. Even a 1932 George Washington Quarter was never issued by the US Government, but the American Mint has re-struck this silver coin and plated it in 24-karat gold. There's also an official commemorative silver coin portraying Washington's defeat of the British in Trenton. While modern silver coin commems may not be rare or may be restrikes, they're a great, inexpensive way to honor George as well as other US Presidents.

The 1982 George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar is 90 percent silver, a rarity since 1964, and the first commemorative half dollar issued by the US Mint since 1954. Silver coin values can take the collectors' commemorative value into account, although many commemorative or anniversary silver coins are worth only face value.

No Lie Tip: Beware a silver coin discounted excessively. Always multiply the amount of silver by the current value of silver and the face value of the coin.

You can buy a 1942-S BU Washington Quarter, priced by some dealers at $148.00. A 1932 D Quarter of Extremely Fine grade can be worth $160.00. And, George, errors such as chopping down a cherry tree aren't a blight on your presidency. Error silver coins are always valuable. An off-center strike in quarters from 1932-1964 have silver coin values of $180 - $300. Cracks and cuds could be worth $15 to $25. A broadstrike could fetch you $40.

Washington would fess up to the error in his coins. It's a pity modern politicians won't do that, or their coins could be worth more.



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