Franklin Silver Half Dollars

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What are my Franklin half dollars worth?

Franklin Silver Half Dollars

You know the stories of Ben Franklin flying his kite (especially if you remember "Schoolhouse Rock" on ABC) and his POOR RICHARD'S ALMANACK, and oh yes, he did sign the Declaration of Independence. Perhaps you even played Ben Franklin in an elementary school play.

Now you get to reap the rewards of your historical knowledge by collecting and selling Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar silver coins. The half-dollar US silver coin even displays the crack in the liberty Bell on the reverse, so no, that's not a valuable silver coin error! One of the most useful silver coin tips is that, even without errors, Benjamin Franklin silver coins are valuable in the early years of issue. Most later coins are worth only the face and bullion value.

Some dealers sell a 1949-S Brilliant Uncirculated Franklin Half Dollar at $149.00. That's at the top of Ben's game. The silver coin values of later years drop to $5.00 in 1963, when the US Mint ceased issuing Ben Franklin silver coins.

You probably won't find a complete set of these silver coins. If you do, grab it, plastic coin folder and all. We know of one set that retails for $150.00, and another set of Average Circulated silver coins for $137.50. The Ben Franklin old silver coin is much cheaper in Circulated Good/Very Good grade. But Benjamin wouldn't disapprove.

After all, a penny, er, silver coin saved is a penny, er, valuable silver coin earned



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