Grab Bag of Silver Coins

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I have a collection of old silver coins, what are they worth?

Grab Bag of Silver Coins

Your not-so-favorite aunt left you a bag of silver coins, while your sister got the complete Wedgwood china set. What are you supposed to do with a bunch of cracked and tarnished US and world silver coins?

Get your hands on a guide to silver coin values and coin values in general and read up on silver coin tips and information. Let's say your bequest consists of

* 1866-1883 Shield Nickel Fine, shield on the obverse, stars on the reverse, $130 for 1881 date (1877 proofs can go for $3500 in MS-64)
* 1794 Flowing Hair Half Dime, $1175 Good
* 1796 Draped Bust with "Likerty" Error, rainbow patina, lack of sharpness on the reverse eagle, rare variety, $1500 Fine
* Ancient silver coin from India, punchmarked Karshapana, selling in some places for $7.50-$15.00
* Old silver coin of Afghanistan, depicting Afghani language, minted in 1838, silver coin values typically $65-90 for Fine/Very Fine
* Chunky rare round rupee, Emperor Akhbar (1556-1605). Islamic inscriptions on both sides, Extremely Fine, can sell for $42.00 (hey, this is from the Mughal Empire, as in the people who built the Taj Mahal)

When you tally up the silver bullion values plus the face silver coin values (consult an expert coin or antiques dealer), you'll see that your aunt left you a gift of history, and that maybe, just maybe, she showed you that she loved you after all. You can break Wedgwood china (your sister does have those lively toddlers), but coins are forever.



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