Clad Silver Coins

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What is a clad silver coin and how does it affect silver coin values?

Clad Silver Coins

Iron-clad, negligee-clad, Prada-clad. Okay, okay. Clad is a cool word usually applied to apparel. But what does it mean when old silver coins are clad? You should find out before you sign an iron-clad deal with a silver coin dealer--actually, if a silver coin dealer won't let you return the merchandise, move your Prada-clad behind out of the store.

Before you buy, know that the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) says "clad" refers to any of the modern "sandwich" coins with layers of copper and nickel, also to a 40 percent half-dollar US silver coin. Silver clad pieces don't necessariy command high silver coin values, as you might have found if you tried to collect Eisenhower silver half-dollars in the 1970s. Silver-clad proof coins didn't make Ike more desirable thanks to a glut of supply that drove down demand. Nowadays, Eisenhower clad silver coins have risen in value, and you can buy Eisenhower 40 percent silver coins.

As is typical of the Kennedys, Kennedy silver-clad pieces fared better, since proof silver coins were minted only for collectors. You can be happy with Kennedy and Eisenhower clad silver coins in your proof Mint sets. Silver clad quarter proof sets also will make you smile. One US Clad and US silver coin proof set is selling on eBay for $44.

Silver-clad is not the same as pure silver, but it's worth noting that all US coins since 1965 have been clad, and many of them, especially the new statehood quarters, are valuable. However, a coin of 90 percent silver is more valuable (not to mention heavier!) American Silver Eagles are pure one-ounce silver coins.

Beware of silver-plated commemorative medallions such as WTC and other commemoratives issued by merchants. Silver clad is not the same as silver plating. If you want a nice-looking coin to put on your mantel, buy the silver-plated commemorative coins, but if you want a collector's coin, choose silver-clad coins that can appreciate as silver bullion increases silver coin values. Note that this doesn't apply to Prada knockoffs: they still look great, and so do you in your Prada-clad mganificence.

The iron-clad moral? Buy silver clad coins from established dealers.



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