Bullion Coins From Around The World

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Can you give me some examples of gold bullion coins from around the world?

Bullion Coins From Around The World

People from countries around the world purchase gold bullion coins as a means to use gold as a physical investment. The bullion coins are used as a means of storing value. If you're interested in coins from around the world, you'll find many countries issue one design for a given year, though some countries have variations. Bullion coins from around the world use the international currency code defined by the International Organization for Standardization, which establishes exchange rates. For some examples of designs you can choose from, take a look at our list below:

Australian Gold Nugget – The Australian Gold Nugget depicting the kangaroo was first released in 1986.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf – First released in 1979, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is pure 24 karat gold.

South African Krugerrand – This coin shows Paul Kruger, President during the South African Republic (1883-1902) on the obverse and a sprinkbok, South Africa's national animal on the reverse.

Austrian Philharmonic – These 1 oz. 24 karat pieces depict the Vienna Golden Hall organ and instruments on the reverse.



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