2006 Prices For Gold Bullion Coins

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What are the current prices for some of the gold bullion coins?

2006 Prices For Gold Bullion Coins

US Bullion coins come in silver, gold, and more recently, platinum coins. The 2005 price per ounce for gold bullion coins according to Fell's Official Know It All Guide To Coins is $425 per ounce. The US official gold bullion coin is the American Eagle and comes in four denominations: $5 (1/10 oz.), $10 (1/4 oz.), $25 (1/2 oz.), and $50 (1 oz.). To get an idea of prices for various American Eagle gold bullion coins, look at our list below:

1986 MS65 (1/10 oz.) - $45
1986 MS65 (1 oz.) - $450
1995 10th Anniversary Set $5,800
2005 MS65 (1/10 oz.) - $55
2005 MS65 (1 oz.) - $450



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