The Mexican Libertad Bullion Coins

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Can you give me some background on the Libertad bullion coin?

The Mexican Libertad Bullion Coins

The Mexican Mint is the oldest mint in North America and was established in 1535 in Mexico City. In 1981, the Mexican Mint produced a series of bullion coins called the Libertad, which means Liberty. The gold coins released during 1981 and 1982 were to compete with the bullion coins from Canada and South Africa. The reverse side of the coin bears an image of the Winged Angel of Victory. The obverse side carries a seal of Mexico and an eagle holding a snake in its beak while resting on a cactus. Today, the Libertad coin is not only an investment piece, but a coin which provides a range of sizes, values, and subtleties in design differences for the collector.



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