Coins to Collect

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How should I decide which coins I should collect?

Coins to Collect

Deciding which coins to collect can be a matter of personal preference and finances, but there are some key points you should consider. If you want to learn more, read our guidelines to help you decide which coins to collect.

Denomination – The denomination of a coin can be as common as a quarter or as obscure as a three-cent piece. Deciding what you're interested in collecting can help you move in the right direction to collecting the best coins for your collection.

Type – There are a number of types of coins within a given denomination. Types of coins could include the Flowing Hair Half Dollar versus the Walking Liberty Half Dollar or the Draped Bust Half Cent versus the 1793 Half Cent.

Date – Each coin comes out during a given year. You could collect coins during a given year or a Silver Dollar for every year it has been available.



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