Five Reasons To Get Into US Coin Collecting

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Can you tell me why US coin collecting is more popular than other markets?

Five Reasons To Get Into US Coin Collecting

If you're wondering what makes US coin collecting stronger than any other market in the world, you can find out here.

1. US coin collecting encompasses many diverse and interesting designs. The United States has over 200 years of coin design behind it. If you're wondering just how successful the US coins are at drawing in new collectors, the new 50 States Quarters Program alone has drawn in millions of new coin collectors into the field.
2. US coin collecting is affordable. Although some US coins can command hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can collect coins without breaking the bank.
3. Commemorative coins make US coin collecting that much more exciting. With a specialty area which covers national events, places, and people, you have many commemorative coins of significance to choose from.
4. There is an active market for US coin collecting. Places to buy, sell, and exchange coins include coin shops, coin shows, and online.
5. Through coin clubs and newsgroups, you have the opportunity to meet with and interact with other coin collectors interested in US coins.



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