More Choices For Coin Collecting Storage

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Do you have suggestions for storing my coins besides inexpensive options?

More Choices For Coin Collecting Storage

If you have coins which need extra protection or you'd just like to display your coins in an attractive container, you have numerous options to choose from. Here are some possibilities for more sophisticated coin collecting storage when price isn't as much of a concern.

Plastic holders – Hard plastic holders are an attractive way for long-term coin collecting storage. Three pieces of hard plastic screw together – one to hold your coin and two for protection. You also have the option of custom printing to identify your coins. However, they are bulky and you do need to make sure the hole is sized correctly to keep your coins in good condition.

Slabs – You can pay anywhere from just $10 up to $100 to slab your coin. A slab is a hard plastic case which encapsulates your coin. Good for long-term storage, slabs also come with identification for your coins on a small sheet of paper.

Coin Albums – Coin albums can be inexpensive or costly depending on the quality and amount or protection they provide. Coin albums typically come designed for a specific collection in mind, such as your entire collection of American Eagles. As a form of display, coin albums make a practical, attractive choice.



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