Coin Collecting Supplies For Removing Dirt

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What cleaning supplies do I need to remove dirt from my coins?

Coin Collecting Supplies For Removing Dirt

When in doubt, leave coin cleaning to the experts. When you improperly clean a coin, you run the risk of damaging and lessening its value. However, if you have a coin you must clean, here are some coin collecting supplies you'll need for removing dirt. These few every day items will work well as coin collecting supplies to take off grime.

Artist's brush – Use an artist's brush to gently remove surface dirt. Use caution to avoid using any excess pressure.

Warm water – Use warm water to remove any additional surface dirt. Do not use your fingers to rub or scratch dirt off of a coin.

Olive oil – You can soak a very dirty coin in olive oil for a few days to remove and loosen dirt.

Toothpick – Use a toothpick to remove any dirt fragments after a soaking the coin in olive oil. Use caution to avoid scratching your coin with too much pressure.

Soft towel – Use a soft towel to pat dry your coin. Do not use paper towels as the surface could leave scratches on your coin.



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