Security Measures For Your Coin Collection

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What security items would my coin collection benefit from?

Security Measures For Your Coin Collection

Because coins carry value and are portable items which can easily be sold, it's important to take measures to purchase some security items for your coin collection – especially if you have any rare and expensive pieces. If you decide to store your coin collection at home, consider any number of safe deposit boxes on the market. Your choices include floor safes, wall safes, stand-alone safes, and fire safes. Floor safes and wall safes work best by keeping out of sight of would be burglars. Stand-alone safes add a layer of protection by buying you more time and deterring an inexperienced thief from getting away with your coins. A fire safe is intended to keep your precious coins from melting in the event of a fire.

To add an additional layer of protection, consider also adding an alarm system. Options like motion sensors, sound detectors, and infrared all add to the security of your coin collection as well as your home.



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