Five Good Sources For Coin Collecting Information

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What organizations will provide me with good information on coin collecting?

Five Good Sources For Coin Collecting Information

If you're looking for some good sources of information to gain some numismatic knowledge, we've got the resources for you to check out here. Whether you're looking for publications, professional organizations, or grading and authentication services, this list of five good sources will get you the coin collecting know-how you're looking for.

Coin Dealer Newsletter – Operating out of Torrance, California, the Coin Dealer Newsletter offers a number of different publications depending on your particular area of interest.

The American Numismatic Association – This non-profit organization has educational programs and a museum (virtual and online) for the coin collecting enthusiast.

Professional Numismatists Guild, Inc. – The Professional Numismatists Guild, Inc. is a non-profit organization that maintains a high set of standards for its coin dealers. They also are an excellent resource for articles and research on coin collecting.

Society for U.S. Commemorative Coins – The Society for U.S. Commemorative coins is an organization for coin collectors with an interest in U.S. commemorative coins. Membership gives you the opportunity to gather at national coin shows and participate in educational programs.

Numismatic Guarantee Corporation of America – This organization provides third party grading services for rare coins. They have an active chat board which allows exchange of information regarding coin collecting.



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