Ancient Coins Of America: Colonial Coins

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Can you tell me which coins are colonial coins?

Ancient Coins Of America: Colonial Coins

Though much newer than their Greek and Roman counterparts, colonial coins are the ancient coins used in the West. Some of these coins include state produced coins from the US, but some collectors also include foreign coins used in the US during the colonial period. Many of the colonial coins have dates before the establishment of the US Mint in 1792. We've listed some of the types of colonial coins for you below:

  • Foreign coins used throughout the United States include France's silver and copper coins through the middle of the 1700's.
  • Irish coins include the St. Patrick Farthings, and Halfpennies from the late 1600's.
  • Common British coins used include the Talbot, Allum & Lee tokens.
  • From Spain, the Eight Reales was used throughout the colonies.
  • Ancient coins include those from states like New Jersey, Connecticut, and Vermont, who all made their own coins.
  • Congress promoted coins as well, including the Continental Dollar and Fugio Cent.



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