The ANA David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project

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Is there a way to earn ancient coins for my collection?

The ANA David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project

If you're interested in coin collecting, ancient coins, or already have your own coin collection, think about becoming part of the ANA David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project. The ANA David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project is a great way to start earning a series of ancient coins to start or add to your collection for young folks. You don't have to have prior knowledge or experience with ancient coins, but you do need to have enthusiasm for and an interest in coins. By writing articles, giving presentations, and doing exhibitions, or other projects that interest you, you earn the ability to request coins through the American Numismatic Association (ANA). For more information on how you can get started, visit the ANA Web site.



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