Finding The Right Coin Dealer

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What should I look for when evaluating a coin dealer?

Finding The Right Coin Dealer

Locating a coin dealer may be as simple as opening up the phone book and choosing a coin dealer. However, that may not be the best route to take. Here are some pointers for choosing the right coin dealer.

  • Check to see if your coin dealer is a member of a professional coin dealer organization. A professional coin dealer organization will have a set of requirements for membership as well as rules your coin dealer needs to adhere to.
  • Find out what the financial stability of a coin dealer is. You want to know that a coin dealer will be in business in the coming years.
  • Evaluate the business practices of the coin dealer. Does the coin dealer have a solid reputation in the industry? Your coin dealer should give you informative, honest information without any high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Find out what the policy of the coin dealer is regarding a transaction with a coin purchase. You want to make sure you'll have a method of claiming compensation if you encounter a faulty purchase.



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