Four Ways To Track Down A Local Coin Shop

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What are some good ways to investigate local coin shops?

Four Ways To Track Down A Local Coin Shop

If you're considering doing business with your local coin shop, you'll find some easy ways to determine which establishment works for you. Here are four ways to investigate your local coin shop.

1. Take the time to make phone calls to local coin shops to get a first impression of the establishments.
2. Visit your local coin dealer not only to talk face to face, but view the inventory. You'll know soon enough if the establishment has the inventory you're interested in and whether the dealers are personable.
3. Attend a local coin show. This way, you'll be able to cover a lot of ground in one day. Make sure you stop and talk to each dealer at the coin show and discuss the type of coins you're interested in.
4. Go through your local coin club and ask for referrals for a local coin dealer.



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