The History Of The Morgan Silver Dollar

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Can you tell me about the Morgan Silver Dollar?

The History Of The Morgan Silver Dollar

English born George T. Morgan designed the Morgan Silver Dollar. The obverse, or front side of the coin, depicts an image of Lady Liberty. The reverse, or back of the coin, depicts an image of an eagle with arrows and an olive branch at its feet. The Bland-Allison Act of 1878 allowed the use of silver for coins. In 1878, the Morgan Silver Dollar was thus minted. Today, you can find a 2006 commemorative coin from the US Mint which shows the San Francisco Old Mint on the obverse side and the eagle from the Morgan Silver Dollar on the reverse side.

Looking for the Morgan Silver Dollar to collect? You can purchase the Morgan Silver Dollar in good to very good condition, fine condition, very fine condition, or extra fine condition. Look for either prooflike or deep-mirror prooflike Morgan Silver Dollar pieces as well. The terms prooflike and deep-mirror prooflike describe the amount of reflectiveness and cameo contrast on a Morgan Silver Dollar.



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