Rare Silver Dollars

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What silver dollars are very rare?

Rare Silver Dollars

Want to know which Silver Dollars are among the rarest? If you ever come across an 1804 Silver Dollar, then you've come across one of the best known, hard to find coins around. These Silver Dollars, produced by the US Mint, were actually made in 1834. On the obverse is a figure of the Draped Bust and on the reverse is a figure of the Heraldic Eagle. The first 1804 Silver Dollars minted went as gifts to the King of Siam as well as the Sultan of Muscat. One of these Silver Dollars sold for $4.14 million at an auction – a world record-breaking price for a coin! Folks have been so intrigued, the 1804 Silver Dollar has been on the news, books, radio shows, and is one coin counterfeiters have often tried to pass off as the real deal.

Although Silver Dollars like the 1804 Silver Dollar may be priced a little out of reach, there are still plenty of other affordable Silver Dollars on the market. Though some Morgan Silver Dollars are rare, there are a number of versions which are affordable for any collector. A large number of uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollars have been uncovered over the years and therefore support an active market for the coin collector. You can find these coins in dated from 1878-1921.



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