How To Care For Your Coin Collection

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How should I take care of my coin collection?

How To Care For Your Coin Collection

Once you've started a coin collection, you also have to think about caring for your coins. You want to protect the life of your coins and keep them in the best condition possible. Here are some things you should do to care for your coin collection.

  • Always hold your coin by the edges, since dirt and oil can damage your coin collection over time.
  • Never clean rare and valuable coins. Cleaning rare and valuable coins may leave marks and lower their value.
  • For ordinary coins, clean in soapy water, rinse well, and wipe with a cotton ball to dry.
  • Store your coin collection with care. Never use anything that will scratch, like a cardboard surface. Many coin collectors use coin books to store their coins. Even better, try storing your coins in non-PVC envelopes. You can put the envelopes into boxes and you'll be able to label the envelopes and see both sides of the coins.



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