Presidential US Coins

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Are there any new Presidential US coins being released?

Presidential US Coins

In 2007, look for Presidential US coins from the US Mint. Part of the Presidential Coin Act of 2005, the Presidential US coins will be issued in chronological order, starting with our country's first President, George Washington. Each year, there will be four one dollar US coins released. The back of each coin will feature the Statue of Liberty. These new Presidential US coins will have an identical composition to that of the Sacagawea Golden Dollar. In addition, the artwork will feature larger scale artwork and will include an inscription denoting the mint year.

The US Mint introduced the Sacagawea one dollar coin in 2000. This coin was believed to be rare because it was distributed through Wal-Mart in limited quantities. Very few of these coins ended up at banks. However, the US Mint produced billions of these coins. The Sacagawea US coins are available as a proof piece, brilliant uncirculated piece, or a part of an album set.



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