The US Mint Facilities

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Is there a difference between coins which come from different US mint facilities?

The US Mint Facilities

There are six US mint facilities total, located in the following cities: Washington DC, Philadelphia, West Point, Fort Knox, Denver, and San Francisco. Because each of these US mint facilities perform a specific function, you may find some coins only come from certain locations.

  • The Washington DC US Mint facility handles everything from the policies of the US Mint to the marketing and research and development.
  • The Philadelphia US Mint facility handles the sculpting engraving process for US coins as well as the production of general circulation coins.
  • The Denver US Mint facility handles Congress backed commemorative coins as well as the production of general circulation coins. This facility also stores silver and gold bullion.
  • The San Francisco US Mint facility produces silver proof sets as well as Congress backed commemorative coins.
  • The West Point US Mint facility produces all the uncirculated and proof silver bullion coins and American Eagle gold bullion and platinum bullion coins.
  • The Fort Knox US Mint facility stores US gold bullion.



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