US Mint Sets – Mint Packaged Versus Assembled

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What is the difference between mint sets which are mint packaged versus privately assembled?

US Mint Sets – Mint Packaged Versus Assembled

When you're looking at US Mint sets, you are looking at coins that have an example of every coin stuck during a given year from all of the US Mints. US Mint Sets which are mint packaged are assembled by the US Mint. You will find some sets which are packaged by private parties. However, the US Mint sets which are mint packaged will tend to command higher values. During 1982 and 1983, the US Mint did not put out any mint packaged sets in order to conserve funds. However, there are some privately packaged sets made by dealers to fill the void of those two years.

Uncirculated US Mint Sets from the US Mint are affordable collector's items. You can pick up uncirculated US Mint Sets from the US Mint every year to add to your collection or select a year which has special significance to you. You can purchase an uncirculated US Mint Set from 1992 for under $10. Watch out for one fad when you shop, however – unopened mint packing. Unopened mint packaging comes at a slightly higher price than opened packaging. However, you won't be able to find out what is in the box until you do open it, so exercise caution.



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