Coin Collecting Frequently Asked Questions

What do I look for in a collectible coin?

How do I get started collecting coins?

Should I start collecting current US coins?

What do the different coin grades mean?

Why do I want to collect Indian head pennies?

Are the new coins better than portrait-gallery coins?

Should I invest in coins rather than in the stock market?

Can too much handling damage a circulated or uncirculated coin?

How do I avoid counterfeit coins?

What are some popular valuable old coins I can collect?

What is a draped bust coin and what is it worth?

What old American coins can I buy inexpensively?

Can printing errors make a coin less valuable?

What is the Seated Barber Dime and why is it valuable?

How do I get started collecting old and ancient coins?

Why do my old coins look like they have a fungus?

I have a colonial coin, why is it so difficult to find out the value?

What is that old British shilling worth?

How do I protect my coins?

How do I find other coin collectors?

Should I collect coins on EBay or start out with an online dealer?

Will fellow coin collectors help me as a beginner?

How can kids get started in coin collecting?

How do I get my coins certified?

Is coin jewelry a great coin collecting investment?

I might like to become a coin dealer, how do I do it?

Can I buy gold proof sets?

Does a notation of "Mirrored" on silver proof sets mean greater value?

Is a prestige set as valuable as a proof set?

Can I buy a Mercury dime silver proof set?

How can I buy Australian silver proof sets?

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Is it true Susan B. Anthony silver proof sets are rare?

How do I buy old proof sets?

Why should I collect mint sets instead of just proof sets?

Do some mint sets include coin proofs?

How valuable are small date US mint sets?

Should I slab my US Mint sets?

Are Mint sets less expensive for the beginning collector?

Are Mint sets with Eisenhower and Susan B. Anthony dollars worth more?

How do I collect Mint sets from other countries?

Can I buy Mint sets with commemorative coins?

Which is more valuable, the silver eagle or the gold double eagle?

What US proof sets have all the statehood quarters for a given year?

How do I know if I have a Morgan silver dollar error coin?

Should I buy circulated silver dollar sets?

Are all American silver eagles in uncirculated or proof condition?

Are my S Mint Morgans among the most valuable Morgan Dollars?

Why are my Carson City Morgan Dollars rare and expensive?

Whad do I look for when collecting Peace dollars?

How do I know if an American Silver Eagle is a replica?

Can I buy a genuine King of Siam silver dollar?

I live in a small town, how do I find coin dealers?

How do I buy from an online coin dealer?

How do I find ancient and rare coin dealers?

Where can I find a dealer who sells Scottish coins?

How can I find US rare coin dealers that sell Indian head quarters?

How do I choose coin dealers at coin shows?

Is there a risk involved in buying from dealers in the Yellow Pages?

Can I buy rare coins through my local bank?

What's a great online community for ancient and rare coins?

What's the best coin price guide?

How can I be sure that my US coin value is accurate?

Is my coin's value the same as its price?

Is a dealer trying to cheat me if the coin prices are high?

Why is my rare 1700s coin worth less than a 1930s coin?

Where can I find coin price guides for pattern coins?

Are coin price guides accurate or do coin prices fluctuate?

Can I track US coin values the way I do stocks?

How rare are gold bullion coins and what are they worth?

Should I buy gold bullion or gold bullion coins?

Are world gold coins more valuable than US gold coins?

What are some popular gold bullion coins I can collect?

What should I know when selling gold bullion coins?

What are spot gold prices and how do they affect a coin's value?

How do I determine the value of a gold British sovereign?

Can I use golden dollars as regular money?

What extremely rare US coins are good, affordable investments?

How do I know what ancient rare coins are truly valuable?

How do I invest in ancient rare coins?

What is the rarest US coin and what's it worth?

Can I collect rare coins made of clay and what are they worth?

I'm a Civil War buff, can I collect Confederate coins?

I like to collect rare German coins, what are they worth?

How do I buy rare American tokens?

What rare American tokens can I collect?

Are wooden nickels really worthless?

Which George Washington coins are collectible?

What are my Franklin half dollars worth?

I have a collection of old silver coins, what are they worth?

What is a clad silver coin and how does it affect silver coin values?

What's the value of a Silver Jubilee British coin?

What silver defects can devalue silver coins?

What is a fishscale or three cent silver and what's it worth?

What are my Jefferson war time alloy nickels worth?

Are my Canadian loonies the result of a mistake?

How do I collect Chinese gold pandas?

What are some old Canadian coins I can collect?

What Roman coins can I start my collection with?

Why won't my coin dealer given me the Canadian maple leaf I want?

Can I buy coins from the Canadian Maritimes?

Should I buy Austrian coins?

How do I tell whether I have real Chinese coins?

What Mexican coins can I collect?

Is there a record of the number of surviving coin proof sets?

What are the differences between mint sets and proof sets?

What are the prestige proof sets?

Was there ever any ten coin proof sets issued in 1999?

Has the US Mint offered a refund on a number of Proof Mint Sets?

How did the silver clad proof coins come about?

Can you give me some ideas for current commemorative proof coins available?

Can you tell me what are bullion coins?

Can you give me some examples of gold bullion coins from around the world?

Can you tell me about the American Eagle Bullion Coin?

What are the current prices for some of the gold bullion coins?

What were the first bullion coins?

What can you tell me about the Chinese bullion coin?

Can you give me some background on the Kangaroo bullion coins?

Can you give me some background on the Libertad bullion coin?

Are there any benefits to coin collecting?

What are some of the going prices for mint sets?

How do I know if a rare Morgan Dollar has been altered?

How can I avoid spending too much money when buying a proof set from an older year?

What are some good ways to get more involved with coin collecting?

How should I decide which coins I should collect?

Can you tell me why US coin collecting is more popular than other markets?

Can you tell me some facts about collecting quarters?

How much care does a coin need in storage?

Can you give me some ideas for inexpensive coin storage?

Do you have suggestions for storing my coins besides inexpensive options?

What cleaning supplies do I need to remove dirt from my coins?

What cleaners can I use for my coin collection?

How do I help keep moisture away from my coin collection?

What security items would my coin collection benefit from?

Is there software available to help me manage my coin collection?

Can you tell me which Morgan dollars are rare?

Can you tell me what some of the varieties of the Morgan Silver Dollars are?

Can you tell me about the Lafayette Silver Dollar?

What is the story behind the Eisenhower Silver Dollar?

Why is Susan B. Anthony coin smaller than other silver dollars?

Can you tell me if there are any unique details on the Peace Silver Dollar?

What was the first US Silver Dollar?

What Silver Dollars are easier to find versus more difficult ones?

How does one determine coin values?

Can you tell me about the different parts of a coin?

What am I getting when I buy a proof mint set?

What are some common terms used for coin collecting?

Is there a risk in buying coins online?

Is there a safe way to buy coins at online auctions?

How can I tell if I should avoid making a coin purchase?

What organizations will provide me with good information on coin collecting?

Is there an exhibit I can see to learn more about ancient coin collecting?

Can you tell me which coins are colonial coins?

Can you tell me about the history of ancient Greek coins?

What is the difference between ancient Greek coins and Roman Greek coins?

What other ancient coins can I collect besides the Greek and Roman coins?

Are most ancient coins worth a lot of money?

Can you tell me what the Roman coin bought during the time of the Roman Empire?

Is there a way to earn ancient coins for my collection?

What should I look for when evaluating a coin dealer?

Why should I consider a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild to looking for coin dealers?

What new coin can I purchase from the dealer?

Is it true that coin dealers often practice unethical ways of selling to collectors?

What are some good ways to investigate local coin shops?

Can you give me advice on the process of negotiating with a coin dealer?

What can I expect to pay at a coin appraisal?

What options do I have besides buying from a coin shop coin dealer?

What is the latest news about the American Silver Eagles?

Which Mint were the 2001 proof Silver Eagles produced at?

Can you place your Silver Eagles into a retirement plan?

Does the American Eagle come in a silver proof set?

Can you tell me about the American Silver Eagle?

Is the American Eagle Platinum different from the silver version?

Do I need to be aware of fake American Eagle coins?

What is the difference between the silver proof and silver bullion American Eagle?

Are there any benefits to collecting world coins?

What is collecting crowns?

Which countries have strong markets for coin collecting?

How is foreign coin collecting tied into economics?

Does the grading system in foreign coins compare to the US version?

What are some guides to check on Canadian coin values?

Can you tell me what new Canadian coin is out?

Is there a major event for world coin collectors?

What Canadian coins are worth the most money?

Whatís a popular coin for kids to collect?

Can you tell me about collecting mint proof coin sets?

Can you tell me about the Morgan Silver Dollar?

What silver dollars are very rare?

Whatís so interesting about coin collecting for kids?

How do I start my own coin collection?

How should I take care of my coin collection?

Are there any fun coin collecting activities for kids to do?

What mints sets have been released as legal tender?

Are there any new Presidential US coins being released?

Is there a difference between coins which come from different US mint facilities?

What is the difference between mint sets which are mint packaged versus privately assembled?

What year of US Mint sets are good if Iím looking for variety?

Can you tell me about the US Mint set which contains Euro coins?

Have any of the George Washington coins appeared in mint sets?

Where can I find coins from the first years of the 50 State Quarters Program

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