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What’s so interesting about coin collecting for kids?

Four Reasons Coin Collecting For Kids Is Cool

Coin collecting for kids? You bet! Coin collecting for kids is a great hobby – it's fun, it's a great way to learn about interesting things from the past, and you get to show off your collection to your buddies. Here are four reasons why coin collecting for kids is way cool:

1. You get to be creative when you collect coins. Choose what you collect, think about how you're going to find it, and display it however you want.
2. Coin collecting tells a story about when you got the object and how. The coins also tell a story about where it came from and who used it at the time.
3. It's not a drag to learn about things. When you get involved with coin collecting you learn about the coin's history, the value of the coin, and what the coin is made of – but it's much more fun than just reading a textbook.
4. You have an exciting hobby you can share with other people. When you collect coins, you can talk about your pieces with your buddies and other people who are interested in the same thing.

Can you tell me about the Morgan Silver Dollar?

The History Of The Morgan Silver Dollar

English born George T. Morgan designed the Morgan Silver Dollar. The obverse, or front side of the coin, depicts an image of Lady Liberty. The reverse, or back of the coin, depicts an image of an eagle with arrows and an olive branch at its feet. The Bland-Allison Act of 1878 allowed the use of silver for coins. In 1878, the Morgan Silver Dollar was thus minted. Today, you can find a 2006 commemorative coin from the US Mint which shows the San Francisco Old Mint on the obverse side and the eagle from the Morgan Silver Dollar on the reverse side.

Looking for the Morgan Silver Dollar to collect? You can purchase the Morgan Silver Dollar in good to very good condition, fine condition, very fine condition, or extra fine condition. Look for either prooflike or deep-mirror prooflike Morgan Silver Dollar pieces as well. The terms prooflike and deep-mirror prooflike describe the amount of reflectiveness and cameo contrast on a Morgan Silver Dollar.

Are there any fun coin collecting activities for kids to do?

Coin Collecting Activities For Kids

Looking for a great way to get the kids in on coin collecting activities? Take a tour of the US Mint! There are two US Mint facilities you can check out for free – The Philadelphia Mint in Philadelphia, PA and the Denver Mint in Denver, CO. You can learn about how the US mint manufactures coins today and learn about the history too. Tours take place daily, Monday through Friday, except during Federal holidays. For more information on how tours operate or to schedule an event, you can go to the US Mint's Website.

If you're looking for coin collecting activities closer to home, there are a ton of games and interactive learning activities you can do through the Kid's Web site of the US Mint. Games include puzzles, word play, and memory teasers. You can also find out what is the latest in the news, sign up for their newsletter, and even download a storybook on coins. For teachers, there is a section to help you plan lessons and projects as well.

What silver dollars are very rare?

Rare Silver Dollars

Want to know which Silver Dollars are among the rarest? If you ever come across an 1804 Silver Dollar, then you've come across one of the best known, hard to find coins around. These Silver Dollars, produced by the US Mint, were actually made in 1834. On the obverse is a figure of the Draped Bust and on the reverse is a figure of the Heraldic Eagle. The first 1804 Silver Dollars minted went as gifts to the King of Siam as well as the Sultan of Muscat. One of these Silver Dollars sold for $4.14 million at an auction – a world record-breaking price for a coin! Folks have been so intrigued, the 1804 Silver Dollar has been on the news, books, radio shows, and is one coin counterfeiters have often tried to pass off as the real deal.

Although Silver Dollars like the 1804 Silver Dollar may be priced a little out of reach, there are still plenty of other affordable Silver Dollars on the market. Though some Morgan Silver Dollars are rare, there are a number of versions which are affordable for any collector. A large number of uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollars have been uncovered over the years and therefore support an active market for the coin collector. You can find these coins in dated from 1878-1921.

How should I take care of my coin collection?

How To Care For Your Coin Collection

Once you've started a coin collection, you also have to think about caring for your coins. You want to protect the life of your coins and keep them in the best condition possible. Here are some things you should do to care for your coin collection.

  • Always hold your coin by the edges, since dirt and oil can damage your coin collection over time.
  • Never clean rare and valuable coins. Cleaning rare and valuable coins may leave marks and lower their value.
  • For ordinary coins, clean in soapy water, rinse well, and wipe with a cotton ball to dry.
  • Store your coin collection with care. Never use anything that will scratch, like a cardboard surface. Many coin collectors use coin books to store their coins. Even better, try storing your coins in non-PVC envelopes. You can put the envelopes into boxes and you'll be able to label the envelopes and see both sides of the coins.

How do I start my own coin collection?

How To Start Your Own Coin Collection

Coin collecting can be an exciting hobby, but with so many different coins, how does anyone get started? If you want to start your own coin collection you'll have to think about what you're most interested in and go from there. Here are some hints:

  • Try starting your own coin collection on a theme. For instance, your coins can be from the United States, coins from a foreign country, or coins based on a certain year.
  • You can also collect coins based on design. Pick out all the coins you can find with animals or ships. Choose from coins in different years and from different countries.
  • Get a guidebook or two on coins and read everything you can.
  • Visit your local coin shop and take a look at what's there. Parents and other family members can always get involved and help you get started with coin collecting if you want.

Can you tell me about collecting mint proof coin sets?

Collecting Mint Proof Coin Sets

Collecting individual coins is one way to build up your coin collection, but you can also collect mint proof coin sets. When you collect mint proof coin sets, you can choose from a themed group of coins such as the 50 State Quarters Program. A proof is a special coin made from a die and planchet, a metal piece which has a stamp of the coin design on it. You can tell a proof coin because it has a very shiny mirror surface and very detailed image. A proof set has all the denominations of a proof coin made during a given year.

Mint proof coin sets are an affordable way to add to your coin collection. Prices can start under $10 and go up from there. One way to get a complete compilation of coins is to purchase one of the complete mint proof coin sets, dating from 1964 through the current year. If you're interested in foreign coins, European mint proof coin sets favor a different surface than the American versions. Their proof coins tend to have a matte surface instead.

What’s a popular coin for kids to collect?

Collect A Buffalo Gold Coin

Want to collect a popular and fun coin? Collect the Gold Buffalo coin, which features images borrowed from the Indian Head, also known as the Buffalo nickel. The Buffalo nickel is so called for the images on either side of it, created by a famous American sculptor called James Earle Fraser. There were three American Indians who modeled for the image on the Buffalo nickel created by Fraser. Chief Iron Tail, a Lakota Sioux, and Chief Two Moons, a Cheyenne, were two of the American Indians. The third is unknown as Fraser could only recall the name of two of his subjects. It is the first time in history that the US Mint is offering the 24k version of the Gold Buffalo coin.

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