How To Start Your Own Coin Collection

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How do I start my own coin collection?

How To Start Your Own Coin Collection

Coin collecting can be an exciting hobby, but with so many different coins, how does anyone get started? If you want to start your own coin collection you'll have to think about what you're most interested in and go from there. Here are some hints:

  • Try starting your own coin collection on a theme. For instance, your coins can be from the United States, coins from a foreign country, or coins based on a certain year.
  • You can also collect coins based on design. Pick out all the coins you can find with animals or ships. Choose from coins in different years and from different countries.
  • Get a guidebook or two on coins and read everything you can.
  • Visit your local coin shop and take a look at what's there. Parents and other family members can always get involved and help you get started with coin collecting if you want.



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