Coin Collecting Activities For Kids

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Are there any fun coin collecting activities for kids to do?

Coin Collecting Activities For Kids

Looking for a great way to get the kids in on coin collecting activities? Take a tour of the US Mint! There are two US Mint facilities you can check out for free – The Philadelphia Mint in Philadelphia, PA and the Denver Mint in Denver, CO. You can learn about how the US mint manufactures coins today and learn about the history too. Tours take place daily, Monday through Friday, except during Federal holidays. For more information on how tours operate or to schedule an event, you can go to the US Mint's Website.

If you're looking for coin collecting activities closer to home, there are a ton of games and interactive learning activities you can do through the Kid's Web site of the US Mint. Games include puzzles, word play, and memory teasers. You can also find out what is the latest in the news, sign up for their newsletter, and even download a storybook on coins. For teachers, there is a section to help you plan lessons and projects as well.



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