Current US Coins

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Should I start collecting current US coins?

Current US Coins

You might gripe about the Fed Reserve rates, the stock market and the price of gas, but you still want to invest in the red, white and blue...even if you're overseas or know America only from its TV shows (sorry about that.) The US Mint is a great source of current United States coin information. Some recent commemorative collectible coin issues:

* Commemorative Kansas quarters, the fourth coin in the United States Mint's 50 State Quarters® Program to be released in 2005
* Chief Justice John Marshall Silver Dollar
* Marine Corps 230th Anniversary Silver Dollar
* The second in the 2005 Westward Journey series, "Ocean View" Nickels

These US coins are fresh and uncirculated, hot off the press, as it were. If you haven't yet made a foray into old coin collecting, a US Mint collectible coin is an excellent investment.

No matter if you wave the flag or just see it on TV from overseas, no matter if you're concerned about the stock market, you can buy a recent issue United States coin with confidence.



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