Oldies But Goodies

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What are some popular valuable old coins I can collect?

Oldies But Goodies

You've never been a fan of the oldies. When your dad turns on the Big Band or your husband switches the XM radio to Elvis and the Big Bopper, you tune out. But drop an old American coin into your hand and you get nostalgic.

Just remember, the value of old coins can fluctuate depending on who's selling and who's bidding. The Chuck D'Ambra Coins Web site names several "hot" golden old coin requests:

* Circulated US wheat cents dated 1958 and earlier
* 1943 zinc plated steel pennies struck on a bronze planchet
* Uncirculated silver dimes, quarters and half dollars dated 1964 and earlier
* US silver dollars dated until 1935

While not all old coins are valuable, old coin values can make you want to sing along with your dad's Big Band. A 1943 Lincoln Cent (copper) is worth $20,000-$40,000 circulated at auction and can fetch up to $95,000 if uncirculated.

Celebrate the popular oldies your way. While other people collect tunes and wax nostalgic about Elvis, you can sing the praises of old coins.



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