Draped Bust Cents

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What is a draped bust coin and what is it worth?

Draped Bust Cents

That old American coin with a flowing-hair girl may seem old-fashioned in an age of peekaboos and belly buttons showing--although Victorians could be just as ribald as Madonna used to be.

Madge knows classic looks are worth as much as the value of old coins, especially rare and beautiful ones. We like the Grecian-style Draped Bust cent produced between 1796 and 1807 (rare dates: 1799 and 1804) that, circulated, is worth up to $250.

Uncirculated, your demure old coin might fetch $3,500. There's something to be said for classic old coin values. Just check the appearance of the coin. Toning might give your American beauty a case of acne, but don't reach for the airbrush or Clearasil, since these imperfections can enhance the appearance of the lovely lady on the face of the old coin.

The Draped Bust old American coin was reportedly modeled after Anne Bingham. Like today's pop stars, her image showed up everywhere as all of America toted Anne Bingham's likeness, at least until the mid-19th century, when Americans discovered coin collecting. Many of the coins became jewelry or casualties of history, so Draped Bust cents have appreciated in value.

Will Madonna ever grace an old coin that our descendants will collect? Anything's possible, such as our newfound respect for the timeless beauty of old coins.



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