Seated Barber Dimes

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What is the Seated Barber Dime and why is it valuable?

Seated Barber Dimes

People weren't so very different in late 19th century America. We griped about war, domestic agendas, and money, Specfically, the look of money. When people clamored for an improvement on the Seated Liberty design, US Mint Chief Engraver Charles Barber produced the Barber quarter, dime and half-dollar. The obverse design looks a bit like the Liberty dime except with shorter hair and a Liberty Cap. The Barber dimes had a run between 1892 and 1916. Presumably, the public clamored for something new, maybe to distract themselves from World War I.

What's the value of old coins with the Barber design? An 1894 Seated Barber Dime old American coin is valued at $75,000 (Good), $81,250 (Very Good), and $90,630 (Fair). It's the rarest Barber coin (and the most counterfeited.)

But what if you don't have the 1894 booty? Beginners can start collecting Good and Very Good grades of every other coin. Some old coin tips:

* Uncirculated old coins will have unbroken mint luster ovver both sides, and are, oddly enough, easier to find than Extra Fine and Almost Uncirculated.
* Circulated old coins in Good and Very Good grades will have higher old coin values if you spot slight wear and signs of circulation on Liberty's cheek and elsewhere, such as in the fields.
* You can actually collect a complete set of Barber old coins, such as in BU rolls.
* Coin dealers will often sell you a Barber old coin for $2-$4, although early issues such as the 1893/2 are valued at $115 (Good) to $290 (Extra Fine).

Celebrate the fact that some things never change, but luckily old coin values improve with time.



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