Old and Ancient Coins

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How do I get started collecting old and ancient coins?

Old and Ancient Coins

"Old" and "ancient" seem to be used synonymously, but most senior citizens would balk and being called "ancient." Fortunately, old coins don't mind boasting about their ages, since the value of old coins can outdo Social Security, or at least provide a viable investment

An ancient coin such as an old drachma from Alexander's time or anything in gold, silver and bronze coming from our ancient ancestors in the Mediterranean is, surprisingly, as available to collectors as an old American coin. In fact, Russian old coins may even cost you fewer rubles. The Twelve Copper Coins of Ancient Japan can fetch less than a dollar or hundreds of dollars.

But in order to buy old coins from ancient eras, you have to do your homework. You don't have to go to the Great Library of Alexandria, although a trip to Athens may aid you in your quest not to be golden fleeced. There are wonderful ancient coin resources online, and other collectors as well as auctioneers can educate you on old coin values as well as give you old coin tips.

Some apparent fakes that have been unearthed:

* A Severus Alexander Roman coin from Bulgaria
* A Year 2 Bar Kochba ancient Jerusalem coin
* A Jewish War Shekel
* Medieval coins with edges--coiners from the Middle Ages shaved off old coin edges

Check with the Ancient Coin Certification Service. After all, you've been around a few years--your buddies joke that you dated Cleopatra! No wonder you like collecting ancient coins.

You're a senior citizen, not an ancient, with energy and a desire to pursue a new adventure. Remember not to get too offended when someone calls you "ancient." Just smile and say, "No, I'm a classic."



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