Finding Other Coin Collectors

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How do I find other coin collectors?

Finding Other Coin Collectors

No one in your family shares your obsession with coin and currency collecting. You're responsible, stable, just happen to knock people aside to get to that rare doubloon or German Euro with Einstein's portrait. How do you meet other coin collectors? Here are some coin collecting tips on some places to meet the numismatically minded:

o Coin shows
o Coin and stamp clubs
o Coin shops
o Online coin collecting newsgroups (remember: never give out your personal information, Social Security number or credit card number, to anyone online.)
o Estate sales and auctions

You can bond with people who are as devoted to coin collecting and coin collections as you. You'll make friends, enhance your collection, and stop going on and on at dinner about coins. That way, your husband or wife can discourse endlessly about that Beanie Babies/sports memorabilia/doll collection. Just be thankful you have a coin collectors' sanctuary with your pals.



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