Newbie vs. Experienced Coin Collectors

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Will fellow coin collectors help me as a beginner?

Newbie vs. Experienced Coin Collectors

Remember the first time you went online, or even further back, the first day of school? For some of you, both may have happened the same day. You felt nervous, excited, afraid no one would like you. Add to that the anxiety that someone may swindle you, and you think you'd be better off collecting butterflies, because they're in your stomach!

Not to worry. Most experienced coin collectors have a love of coin and currency collecting. They also are willing to help novice coin collectors or newbies.

Signs you've been unfortunate enough to run into unscrupulous coin collectors:

o They're not interested in talking to you, only pressuring you to buy their coins or sell yours, usually at a ridiculously high or low price, respectively.
o They won't answer any questions, or make you feel stupid for asking what a BU is or what the difference is between a Mercury dime and a Barber dime.
o They refuse to provide any information that could help you because they want to "beat" you in coin collecting.
o You suspect they might be giving you false information.

Talk to other coin collectors about this person. Helpful coin collectors will steer you away from hucksters.

Now you're ready to mix and mingle in the world of coin and currency collecting, and it feels better than the first day of don't have to worry about Play-doh fights and fashion faux pas!



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